Making the Best Use Of Online Auction Sites as a Seller

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As a seller, how can I make the best use out of an online auctions site?

Making the Best Use Of Online Auction Sites as a Seller

If you are selling goods on an online auction site, you are responsible for taking care of your customers. Make sure that you are familiar with the rules governing the online auction site that you are using, and make sure that your customers are also aware of these rules. Legally, you cannot bid on your own items. You cannot sell illegal goods, and you must ship the goods by either the agreed upon date or no later than 30 days from the purchase. You need to create a truthful description of your goods. Remember to include pictures and details of the item's condition and history. You also should have fixed and consistent rules for payment, returns, and shipping. Lastly, insure that any services the you recommend, such as escrow, repair, or insurance, are above board and will not offer a bad experience to your customers.



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