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Is there a way to reduce the size of photo images to speed load time?

Crunch Time - Take Small Bytes

Digital photos of your listed items, known as jpegs, are generally very large files and take a long time to load. Keep in mind that many bidders are using slower computers and 56K modems. You want to make bidding on your auctions easy for everyone. You can greatly reduce the size of an image and speed up its load time by utilizing the "Free jpeg Cruncher". That 253k photo of your Beanie Babies bear can be reduced to 24k in seconds.

Is there a software program that will help me do searches at eBay?

TimeBLASTER for eBay

"TimeBLASTER for eBay" is a powerful new software search tool that's a real help for eBay buyers and sellers. TimeBLASTER provides automated repetitive searches of eBay and builds a Photo Album of search results. By eliminating the need to "click and wait," timeBLASTER saves as much as 90% of the time a buyer or seller spends doing research on eBay.

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