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How can I host a charity auction?

Hosting Charity Auctions

Hosting a charity auction is a generous act, but it does require some serious organization. In order to host a charity auction, you need to first determine which charity you'd like to assist. Once you have a charity in mind, you should contact them to express your interest. You also need to then begin soliciting businesses and individuals to see if they will donate goods to be sold for charity. It is worthwhile to try and find an auction house that is willing to volunteer its services to your charity auction. If a willing auction house can't be found, then you need to organize a system of sealed bidding that will allow buyers to bid without the aid of an auctioneer. You can also organize a charity auction online. Most large online auction sites have hosting services that allow individuals to create charity auctions and then solicit buyers and sellers to give donations.

How can I find charity auctions in my area?

Finding Charity Auctions

Finding charity auctions in your area may require a bit of research. On the local level, charity auctions are often organized by civic and religious organizations. Contact local groups like the Rotarians and local religious organizations to see if they are planning any charity auction events. Charity auctions will also often be advertised in local periodicals. Understand that many charity auctions take place in response to current events, often natural disasters. Additionally, charitable auctions are often held to promote the awareness months of different causes. You can also search for charity auctions online. Websites for charitable organizations may list the times and locations of upcoming auctions. Additionally, many charity auctions are available through online auction websites.

Are there charity auctions online?

Charity Auctions Online

Online charity auctions are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in response to events, such as Hurricane Katrina. One of the largest such recent auction, attracted celebrity participants, including Brittany Spears. eBay runs a regular, dedicated program of online charity auction listings that can be joined by any buyers and sellers in their individual eBay stores.

Are there celebrity charity auctions?

Celebrity Charity Auctions

Celebrity charity auctions are perhaps the most well known charity auctions. These auctions seek to capitalize on the popularity of celebrities in order to raise money for charity. The auctions usually take place in the form of a standard English auction. The goods for sale are donated by individual celebrities. They often consist of celebrities clothing, personal effects, and/or signed memorabilia. They may also consist of items of intrinsic value donated by celebrities, such as jewelry, cars, and real estate. The donated goods usually generate revenue beyond their true value because of their association with the celebrity.

What is a charity auction?

Charity Auction

A charity auction is an auction whose goal is to raise money for charity. The format varies from auction to auction, but revenues are usually generated from donated goods. The goods are then sold to the highest bidder and the money raised, usually after expenses, is given to the charity. Charity auctions often target a specific charity or seek to raise money to provide charitable relief of some kind. Frequently, an auction house will offer to hold a charity auction free of charge, waiving their usual fee.

How can I donate to a charity auction?

Donating To Charity Auctions

Donating to a charity auction is a relatively simple process. Most of the time, all you need to do is contact the charity auction that you have in mind and express your wish to donate goods. Sometimes, charity auctions deal with certain themes or certain kinds of goods. These will be more discerning of the goods that they accept. Also, some large scale charity auctions draw their donations from celebrities and other famous people, and will not be willing to accept donations from the average citizen. It is also very easy to donate to charity auctions online. If you use an online auction service, you can often choose to pledge the money earned from certain items to charity, allowing you to instantly donate to a charity auction.

What are the rules of a charity auction?

Charity Auction Rules

The format of charity auctions varies from auction to auction. When dealing with small-scale or localized charity auctions, most of the bidding takes place through sealed ballots. Many charity auctions of this kind are conducted through multiple, simultaneous rounds of sealed bidding. Bidders examine each object and submit a bid in writing for all of the objects in which they are interested. In this way, the charity auction organizers are able to circumvent the fees usually charged by auction houses, as each participant bids independently and volunteers collect the bids to determine winners. Large scale charity auctions often take the form of a traditional English auction, and they are either able to convince auction houses to work pro bono or they gather enough sales to pay the auction house fees.

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