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What kinds of men's watches can I find through online auctions?

Types of Men's Watches Available Through Online Auctions

There are a wide array of men's watches available via online auction sites. Watches offered on these sites can be divided into two major categories: dress watches and sport watches. Dress watches are usually slimmer and occasionally have non-metal bands. Dress watches usually feature metals like gold and platinum, and sometimes are set with jewels. Obviously, if gold, platinum, and jewels are involved, the watch will be more expensive. Sport watches are often larger than dress watches. Features to look for in a sport watch are additional functions such as stop watches and precision chronometers. Sport watches should also feature certain levels of water resistance.

What should I keep in mind when selling men's jewelry online?

Selling Men's Jewelry Through Online Auctions

If you're trying to sell men's jewelry via an online auction site, you should first do a little research. Log on to some of the larger online auctions sites and search through the men's jewelry sections. See which pieces closely resemble the ones that you want to sell, and note the reserve prices and the bidding. Also, take a look at the descriptive language used in the ads for the pieces that resemble yours. Next, you need to craft your own ad for the online auction site. Use the descriptive keywords that you noted, and construct an accurate description of the object you want to sell. For example, when selling men's jewelry, note the materials of which the piece is made, and if it's a watch, include any statistics on function and water resistance. Make sure you create a descriptive title that is rich with keywords. Include a photo of the item -- just don't make the file size too large so that it can easily be downloaded. Lastly, set your reserve price slightly lower than that of your competitors in order to encourage bidding.

What kinds of men's jewelry is available for auction?

The Kinds of Men's Jewelry Available at Auction

There is a tremendous amount of men's jewelry available for sale via online auction sites. Traditionally, the bulk of available men's jewelry has been watches. Additionally, smaller men's jewelry items, such as cufflinks, have also been available for auction. Each year, however, more and more men's jewelry items become available. Watches still make up the bulk of men's online jewelry, but now men's jewelry has expanded to include bracelets, chains, and ring collections. Most of the larger online auction sites include sections on men's jewelry, and sites that focus more on jewelry, generally have a large men's jewelry section.

Are there any precautions that I should take when buying men's jewelry through online auctions?

Safely Buying Men's Jewelry Through Auctions

There are a few precautions that you should take when buying gentlemen's jewelry online. The initial precautions are the same as with any online auction. You need to check the reputation of the website you are using as well as the reputation of the seller. Don't hesitate to email any questions that you have to the seller. It also helps to email users who have previously bought from the seller. If the piece is a watch, and you know the exact make and model, you should consult a jeweler about the expected price and quality of the piece. You should also check to see if the piece requires any special maintenance.

Can I obtain men's estate jewelry through online auctions?

Men's Estate Jewelry and Online Auctions

Men's estate jewelry is widely available via online auction sites. Increasingly, auction houses that cover estate auctions are offering their auctions online. The best way to gain access to these auctions is to do a little research, both online and offline. Search through the larger auction websites to gain a feeling for the kind of estate auctions that are offered. Then search through those auctions for men's jewelry. The process is time-consuming, but not complicated. Note however, that there is rarely an entire estate composed of men's jewelry and that you will likely have to look through the entire lot's listing. With a little research, you should be able to find unique, classic men's jewelry through estate auctions.

Where can I obtain antique men's jewelry through auctions?

Antique Men's Jewelry Auctions

Obtaining antique men's jewelry through auctions is possible if you know where to look. You can sometimes find antique men's jewelry on online auction websites. You can also find pieces through estate sales. The most reliable source for finding antique men's jewelry is through a larger auction house. A quick search of the websites of both Christie's and Sotheby's will reveal a large amount of antique men's jewelry offered for auction. These auctions frequently feature men's watches, but they sometimes also feature other men's jewelry.

What should I keep in mind when buying watches through online auctions?

Advice for Buying Men's Watches Through Online Auctions

When buying watches via an online auction site, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. What are you going to use the watch for? Namely, will you be looking for a dress watch or a sports watch? Set a maximum price for yourself. This will keep you from overbidding during the auction. You also need to consider your lifestyle. Will you be putting a lot of wear and tear on the new watch or will you only wear it to the office? Consider a watch with a chronograph if you are a sportsman and a dressier watch to impress at the office. Know your watch materials -- in terms of the metal in the case, the crystal covering the face, and the construction of the band. The most expensive watches have sapphire crystals and platinum or gold cases and bands. You should also note the water resistance of the timepiece. Finally, if you're seriously considering a certain watch, you might want to call a jeweler to ask about the maintenance involved in owning the watch.

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