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Are there travel auctions online?

Travel Auctions Online

It sounds like a dream, doesn't it? Finding high value travel deals for ultra-low prices. Well, now it can easily come true. Everyone knows how Internet travel sites have revolutionized the way people book vacations. Now, most online auction sites offer their own travel deals. They hold auctions on airline tickets as well as travel packages. Online auction sites also frequently offer auctions for hotel reservations, rental property usage, and timeshare slots. They even offer auctions for event tickets at popular travel destinations.

Are there travel auction scams online?

Travel Auction Scams

As with any auction, there is a risk of being defrauded when you participate in a travel auction. Falling for a travel auction scam can be especially disappointing, because quite a bit of money and a tantalizing vacation are often at stake. Most scams can be avoiding by taking simple precautions to research potential sellers and the deal that they offer. As with any online auction, make sure that you examine the seller, their auctions, and their selling history very carefully. Look closely at the wording of the travel package that they are offering: is airfare included? What about ground transportation? Meals? Are there hidden costs for lodging, duties, or visa fees? You should also examine the packages that they are selling. Remember, if a deal sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

What should I look for in a travel auction?

What To Look For In A Travel Auction

So you're excited about travel auctions? Before you bid, however, there are still things that you have to keep in mind in order to get the best travel deal possible. First, consider your needs. Decide what kind of vacation that you want, the dates that you can travel, a few ideal destinations, and your estimated travel budget. After that, begin searching through travel auctions on several websites to see which auctions match your needs. Examine each auction carefully to see just what it provides for in terms of lodging, food, transportation, and comfort. Select a few auctions on which you'd like to bid and see how they progress. Make sure to pull out of the ones that don't look like they're going to meet your criteria.

If I own a timeshare, can I lease it through a travel auction?

Leasing Timeshares Through Travel Auctions

One of the most unique features of online travel auctions are their offerings of time-share and rental properties. Through online travel auctions you can gain access to in-demand vacation properties at popular times of the year. Often when participating in these auctions, you won't get the lowest possible price, but you will get an excellent deal in terms of price, timing, and location. When you participate in an online auction for a time share, you are bidding on a partial ownership of a certain property for a certain amount of time. This is a great way to gain access to properties that are otherwise difficult to acquire because of high demand.

What kinds of deals can I find through a travel auction?

Travel Auction Deals

Like most kinds of auctions, travel auctions offer great deals, but still frequently sell them at close to a fair market price. When examining travel auctions, think more about buying opportunities rather than paying for a certain set of goods and services. When you participate in a travel auction, you're not just buying airline tickets and lodging -- you are buying them for a certain time. You may not get the best price -- but you may get the best location, the best time, or the best services. For example, while you may end up paying a "normal" price for airfare through a travel auction, but you could end up getting a great deal by obtaining in-demand tickets for peak times, such as the holiday season. You might end up paying the usual amount for a beach house rental -- but you'll be able to stay there in the height of the summer travel season. Travel auction deals are found by searching for these opportunities, rather than looking for the lowest possible price.

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