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Should I refuse to accept a return and not refund money to a customer?

Accept Returns

There's a good chance that if you refuse to accept a return item or provide a prompt refund to an upset customer, you will receive negative feedback. Although you may be "right," you need to ask yourself if not accepting this one return be worth the unlimited number of bids you may lose as a result of negative feedback? Remember “you can win the battle and you still lose the war.”

Should I avoid buying quantity because it´s cheap at a Dutch Auction?

Avoid Buying Quantity

When it comes to Dutch Auctions, avoid buying quantity just because the cost is cheap. Nothing drives the price up faster than someone buying 10 items for $1.

Are there free trial versions of auction management programs?

Try Before You Buy

Most auction management programs feature a free trial version. Websites such as and make these free versions easy to download and install on your computer. Make sure to “try before you buy,” to ensure the program is something with which you will be satisfied.

Should I post all shipping information, methods & fees in one place?

Did You Say Shipping?

In the world of online auctions, disagreements between buyers and sellers over the shipping costs are common. These can easily be avoided. When you are setting up your website or your auction ad, post all your shipping information including fees and method of shipping in a conspicuous place. Keep it simple and concise. A lengthy explanation of your shipping policy will only discourage bidders.

Where can I find the best price for auction management software?

Buy For Less

To avoid paying full price for your auction management software, check the online auctions and see if the program is available there, for less. You'll be surprised what's available.

Should I develop a schedule for my online auction business?

Stick to a Schedule

Make no mistake about it. Running an online auction business is a business. To operate it successfully requires adhering to a schedule (just like a real job). You may want to schedule certain tasks for certain days. For instance, Mondays and Thursdays may be set aside for writing descriptions, taking photos, etc. Tuesdays and Fridays may be the days you pick up inventory and ship items. If you plan to sell hundreds of items each month, you will probably find it necessary to list every day.

Will the level of customer service be reflected in my feedback rating?

Protect Your Feedback

The level of customer service you provide will be reflected in your feedback profile and will have a direct impact on your success. Protect your feedback as if your entire business depends on it…It does!

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