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What types of photos work best to increase bidding?

Detailed Photos Work Best

"A picture is worth a thousand words"...and possibly a whole lot of money. Sharp, clear, detailed photos will increase the bidding on your items; while distorted, fuzzy or blurred photos will send them running to your competitors.

How much information should I include in my description of the item?

Don't Oversell

Provide potential bidders with a complete, detailed, and accurate description of your item, but avoid overselling. Overselling leads to disappointed buyers. Stick to the facts and don't hesitate to point out any possible flaws. Your honesty will be appreciated by bidders and will lead to many satisfied customers.

Are copyright laws enforced on auction sites?

Don't Copy Copyrights

One of the easiest ways to get a bad reputation in auction circles is to copy another seller's ads or photos. Besides not being very nice, chances are, you could be breaking the law if the material in the ad has a copyright.

If the copyright holder complains to the auction site (this does happen with some regularity), your ad will be immediately removed. Repeated offenses will eventually get you banned, or even sued. Do not copy text, pictures, or any other so-called creative works, unless you have (written) permission.

How do I write a title containing keywords that stimulate interest?

Stimulate a Response

A well-written title, one that contains keywords that clearly identify your item and stimulate an emotional response from the buyer, is a key ingredient to a successful auction.


"Rare" Michael Jordan 8x10 Signed Photo - Must See!

Should I list the most important information first in my item listing?

Most Important Information First

In writing your listings, give the most important information first. You only have a split second to capture the attention of a potential bidder. Look for similar items that are offered for auction, ones that have multiple bids, to see what that seller is doing to attract attention.

Will creating an ad template for my listings save time?

Save Time

Once you create an ad that with which you are pleases, save it as a template. Then, when you're ready to list the next item(s) all you'll need to do is change the title, description, and photo. Ad templates can save you several hours each week that can be put to better, more productive use.

Is there a simple listing template I can create to sell items?

Photo with Text

Using a title above a photo, with text underneath the photo, is one of the easy templates offered to help you design your listings. Text information can include a short paragraph for the Description, and bullet-point items for Features, Extras, Shipping and Handling, Payments, and Contact Information.

Should I use sales gimmicks and cute phrases to sell my items?

Be Professional

Don't give in to the temptation to use sales gimmicks and cute phraseology such as "L@@k At ME," all caps - "LAST ONE!!!", dancing graphics, or blinking banners. Always present yourself in a professional manner by taking the time to write a well-crafted item description. Make sure that you correct any spelling or punctuation errors before you post your listing. Listings that are filled with errors make you look less credible.

How do I write a title containing keywords that stimulate interest?

Be Specific, Not Vague

Most bidders will find your item by using the auction site's “search” function. Make sure that your title is specific and clearly identifies your item. Titles such as “You're Not Going To Believe This Deal,” will not yield the desired results or buyers.

How much information should I include in my description of the item?

Answer Questions

When writing your ad copy or description, be sure to think of all the questions a prospective buyer may have and do your best to answer them as briefly as possible in the listing.

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