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What should I be careful of when using an auction site?

What You Need To Watch Out For When Using An Online Auction Site

The two biggest things that you need to watch out for when using an online auction site are misunderstandings and fraud. Misunderstandings can have many negative effects on your online auction experience. If you are a seller, a misunderstanding can lead to getting a bad seller feedback rating, which can hinder your future business. If you are a buyer, complications can lead to unwanted costs and delays in the delivery of your goods. Make sure that you are always prompt when answering buyers and sellers, and that you are fully aware of all of the rules, costs, and policies of the site that you are using. Fraud can be avoided with some research and caution. Make sure to thoroughly check on the seller's history and other auctions. Also be sure to get an agreement on payment, shipping, and returns in writing, before you bid.

Can I have more than one user ID at eBay?

More Than One User ID

Did you know that you can have more than one user ID on eBay? Some of the bigger sellers use this method for linking their identity to their products. For example: You may want to use the ID, “Valleydistributors” to sell a variety of miscellaneous merchandise and the ID, “Dietextreme” to focus on a targeted niche product, such as diet pills. NEVER bid on your own items using a second ID. This is a quick way to get yourself in a great deal of trouble as well as banned from the auction site.

How can I add my photos to the search listings on eBay?

Adding Photos to Search Listings

Ever wonder how sellers on eBay get photos of their items to show up in the search listings? They add it to the eBay gallery for only 25 cents. It's a small investment with a big return.

How do I find out what my item will sell for ?

Violation - Web Site Link

Linking to a website or mentioning a website in your listing that takes you off of eBay is a violation and can cause your ad to be removed.

Where can I find auctions for autographs, memorabilia and manuscripts?

Odyssey Auctions

Odyssey is one of the world's oldest, and largest, authorities on autographs, manuscripts, historical documents, and memorabilia commemorating history's most important people, places, and events. Each piece they offer is accompanied by their ironclad Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity. The auction offerings represent just a small portion of their vast inventory. If you are looking for something not listed on their site, please call 1-800-996-3977 for assistance.

How can I find out how the top sellers became successful in selling?

eBay University

eBay is now offering traveling "University" seminars in cities around the United States to help those who find the workings of its online auction community daunting. The cost is $25 for a weekend class and in return you learn about basic selling, how to improve your listings, advanced selling tips, and how to use the eBay seller's assistant program.

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What is the best way for me to resolve a dispute with an auction site?

Resolving Disputes With Online Auctions

No one wants to get into a dispute over an online auction. Simple misunderstandings can quickly lead to legal hassles and damaged seller and buyer feedback ratings. The key to resolving such disputes is communication and persistence. Not all problems you may encounter will be the result of fraund -- if fact, most aren't. First, seek to resolve disputes through mediation. See if the online auction site that you are using has a partnership with a site that professionally mediates disputes. If you are using an online escrow service, often they will offer to broker disputes for a small fee. If you do feel that you have been the victim of fraud, it is your duty to report it. Note the fraud on the seller's review section of the online auction site. Notify the online auction site of the seller who defrauded you, and be ready to provide evidence. Note that many auction sites, such as eBay, offer some protection against fraund if you file within a timely manner. Also, contact your local Attorney General's office as well as the Federal Trade Commission to seek legal resolution to your dispute.

As a buyer, how can I make the best use of an online auction site?

Making The Best Use Of Online Auction Sites As A Buyer

As a buyer, the best thing that you can do when using an online auction site is to get to know the seller. Since the seller is essentially the interface that you have with the product, it is essential that you get to know them and their reputation in order to minimize your risk. Take the time to read through the seller's online reviews, and email any users who have had problems with them. You should also search through the seller's other auctions to make sure that the goods that they are offering are of consistent type and quality. Before bidding, drop the seller a short email just to touch bases with them and get a basic feel of their response time. Most reliable sellers will want to be paid through a service like Paypal, while less reputable sellers will want to receive payments in cash. Make sure that you establish a return policy - in writing - with the seller and agree to a fee for shipping before you begin bidding.

How can I tell if an eBay staff member is on the discussion board?

*Pinks* on the Discussion Board

When visiting the eBay discussion boards, you can always tell if an eBay staff member is on the board. The top border line will be “Pink,” not gray. This is also how they got the name “Pinks,” on the boards.

What are auctions like? is an online auction site that focuses primarily on jewelry and artwork. The site also offers auctions of a myriad of other items, including cars, travel, and electronics. has a unique display system in which items are shown with real time countdowns of their auctions, along with their bid prices and a comparative price. The site also offer speed auctions that only last three minutes. offers its customers insurance services through Jewelers Mutual and accepts payment through Paypal. The site also frequently hosts charity auctions and offers free shipping on selected items.

What are famous celebrities saying about eBay and the auctions?

Quote - Diane Von Furstenberg

"I think eBay is the most revolutionary idea. Although I've never bought anything there myself, it amuses me to see my vintage designs up at auction." --Diane Von Furstenberg, legendary fashion designer

What are yahoo auctions like?

Yahoo! Auctions

Yahoo! auctions is an online auction service that is run through the Internet gateway Yahoo! While the site is not as large as eBay, it does generate a lot of business from Yahoo! customers. Like most online auction services, Yahoo! auctions feature online auctions covering a variety of collectibles, jewelry, electronics, and used items. Yahoo! online auctions are currently free -- charging neither buyers nor sellers. The site is supported by advertisements and Yahoo's other money making avenues. The site supports Paypal, so noncommercial buyers and seller can conduct transactions by credit card.

Is there somewhere I can check for changes at eBay?

Announcement Board

eBay is constantly changing, and many of the changes are likely to have a direct impact on you, both as a buyer and as a seller. Check the eBay Announcement Board often to stay on top of developments.

As a seller, how can I make the best use out of an online auctions site?

Making the Best Use Of Online Auction Sites as a Seller

If you are selling goods on an online auction site, you are responsible for taking care of your customers. Make sure that you are familiar with the rules governing the online auction site that you are using, and make sure that your customers are also aware of these rules. Legally, you cannot bid on your own items. You cannot sell illegal goods, and you must ship the goods by either the agreed upon date or no later than 30 days from the purchase. You need to create a truthful description of your goods. Remember to include pictures and details of the item's condition and history. You also should have fixed and consistent rules for payment, returns, and shipping. Lastly, insure that any services the you recommend, such as escrow, repair, or insurance, are above board and will not offer a bad experience to your customers.

What is eBay like?


eBay is currently the worlds largest online auction site. The company was founded in 1995 and soon grew into an online auction phenomenon. The site offers the traditional goods found on all auction sites -- collectibles, jewelry, electronics, and used equipment of all kinds. eBay has also begun to broker car auctions. Many smaller auction houses in the US have teamed up with eBay to create their own online auctions. Currently, thousands of companies in the US broker their services and products over eBay. The site offers English and Dutch auctions, as well as merchandise at fixed prices. eBay profits by charging a fee for the goods listed on the site. eBay now owns the online payment service, Paypal, which allows its users to pay by credit card or electronic check.

Who can buy and sell at eBay?

Community Spirit

The eBay community is made up of a variety of people: individual buyers and sellers, small businesses, and even Fortune 100 companies. Large and small, these members come together on eBay to do more than just buy or sell-they have fun, shop around, get to know one another, and often pitch in to help each other.

What is paypal?

Paypal and Online Auction Sites

Paypal is a service that expedites payment over the Internet. The service brokers payments between online retailers and email users. The company is a subsidiary of eBay and is favored by many eBay auction bidders. The service allows users of online auction sites to pay for auctions online using credit cards and electronic checks. The service also allows non-commercial sellers on online auction websites to receive credit card payments. Paypal charges a small fee for its services. Paypal is currently the largest and safest way for buyers and sellers on online auction websites to transfer money to one another.

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