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Where can I find bargains to resell at auction?

One Man's Trash...

You can usually purchase the entire contents of an abandonned storage unit for $100-$500, and you won't believe what you can find! Antiques, collectibles, or maybe the entire contents of a household or business can be purchased for pennies on the dollar.

How can I be sure a drop shipper or wholesaler is legitimate?

Real Drop Shippers Don't Charge Access Fees

Beware of Drop Shippers and Wholesalers who want to charge you an access fee to use their website. A real Drop Shipper is a factory-authorized wholesale distributor, or sometimes the actual manufacturer, of the products. They ship to your customer from their own warehouse. No middlemen or resellers are involved. A Real Wholesaler or Drop Shipper will never charge you a "site membership fee."

Can I find products to resell at garage sales and thrift shops?

Search for Specific Products

Some of your best resale items can be found at garage sales and thrift shops, especially if you have a specific product in mind. Do your research, don't overpay, and be sure to examine each item carefully. Chipped or scratched items have little value.

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