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Should I accept cash payments as a seller?

Cash Payments

Stay away from cash payments! If you are a buyer and a seller is requesting cash, it could be an indication of fraud. If you are a seller, avoid the temptation to accept cash. Should a dispute arise later, cash transactions, about how much was paid for an item, are difficult to prove.

Is it important to familiarize myself with the selling fees?

Check Fee Schedules

Familiarize yourself with the fees connected with your auction site. Many auction sites, including eBay, charge a fee regardless of whether your item sells or not.

Should I offer several options to customers for making payments?

Offer Several Payment Types

Provide your customers with several options for making payments. Some customers will only bid on an item if they see that you accept a certain type of payment, such as Paypal, Billpoint, Check, Money Order, etc. Don't miss out on potential bids by limiting customers payment options.

How can I protect myself buying or selling when using a credit card?


Paying by credit card can protect both the buyer and the seller. Credit card payments protect the buyer because you can dispute the charges if the goods are misrepresented or never delivered. For sellers, payment by credit card is quicker than waiting for a check or money order and avoids the problem of bad checks.

What is the National Fraud Information Center?

National Fraud Information Center

If you need advice or if you want to report a possible scam, use the Online Reporting Form ( or call the National Fraud Information Center hotline at 1-800-876-7060.

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