Selling Men's Jewelry Through Online Auctions

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What should I keep in mind when selling men's jewelry online?

Selling Men's Jewelry Through Online Auctions

If you're trying to sell men's jewelry via an online auction site, you should first do a little research. Log on to some of the larger online auctions sites and search through the men's jewelry sections. See which pieces closely resemble the ones that you want to sell, and note the reserve prices and the bidding. Also, take a look at the descriptive language used in the ads for the pieces that resemble yours. Next, you need to craft your own ad for the online auction site. Use the descriptive keywords that you noted, and construct an accurate description of the object you want to sell. For example, when selling men's jewelry, note the materials of which the piece is made, and if it's a watch, include any statistics on function and water resistance. Make sure you create a descriptive title that is rich with keywords. Include a photo of the item -- just don't make the file size too large so that it can easily be downloaded. Lastly, set your reserve price slightly lower than that of your competitors in order to encourage bidding.



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