Selling Collectibles Through Online Auctions

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How can I sell my collectibles through online auctions?

Selling Collectibles Through Online Auctions

Maybe a relative has left you their immaculate stamp collection, or maybe you've fallen on some hard times and you're looking to offload all of those beanie babies you bought during the 90s. Whatever you are trying to sell, you need to get a feel for the market before you begin any kind of auction. If possible, get your collection professionally appraised. A local auction house can usually recommend an appraiser or they may have one on staff. If you can't afford an appraisal, go online and do some price research. Look for collectibles like yours offered on online auction sites and see note their selling prices. After that, carefully catalog and photograph your collection. Decide whether you want to sell it as a single lot, or try and split it up to make more money from individual objects. Write descriptions for the objects that you wish to sell, set the prices either in accordance with the appraisal or your estimated price, and then let the bidding begin.



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