Collectibles Pricing in Auctions

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How can I be sure about the pricing of collectibles in auctions?

Collectibles Pricing in Auctions

Pricing collectibles can be difficult. Most of the value that collectibles have comes from their sentimental value. Often, there is very little intrinsic value in terms of materials and craftsmanship. Usually the best pricing option you have is to obtain a professional appraisal. Most auction houses either employ their own appraisers or can recommend one to you. Another way to gauge the value of your collection is to check out industry publications. Standard categories of collectibles, such as dolls, bears, coins, stamps, and even toys have industry publications that offer pricing guides. As a last resort -- or even as a healthy reality check -- you should check out the prices of your collectibles online. See what other sellers are asking on online auction sites, and try and match your pricing to theirs.



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