The Profit From Government And Police Auctions

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Who profits from government and police auctions?

The Profit From Government And Police Auctions

The revenues from government and police auctions go directly to the federal and local governments. Since the government began conducting some of its auctions over the Internet, revenues have increased sharply. In the year 2000 alone, the federal government made over 3 billion dollars from online sales. While the profits sound huge, the auctions themselves are very fair. Since the federal government is not technically concerned with always turning a profit, many of its goods are sold either at cost or at fair market price. In a sense, government auctions are a way for the federal government to recoup losses from surplus and help finance law enforcement efforts. Police auctions profit in a similar fashion. Goods are sold at cost to finance law enforcement.



9/26/2006 11:46:50 AM
Jim said:

the best way to profit from a police auction is to sell the stuff, whatever it is, online. Although the margin will be slim. It is still a good way.


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